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... and team up with Germany’s biggest HR Tech network.

Looking for the next unicorn!

You’re developing a great business and want to build a company in the HR Tech sector? Join Germany's one and only HR Tech VC allygatr and become part of the "allyance".

What does a true allyance look like?

From our point of view it’s long-term oriented, fair and super stable. Our companies’ success rests on the long-term motivation and drive of our founders. That’s why we always have their best interest in mind. It’s your startup. We are (only) here to help you be successful.

For Founders – new

allygatr will support you…

operationally. financially. emotionally.

About us

About us

Benjamin Visser

Founder & CEO of allygatr

- Successful Tech Entrepreneur

- 20 years of management expertise

- 16 years of recruitment and HR experience

- Has brought Searchtalent from 0 to 1.4 Mio. ARR Euros in 3 years


Jan Dzulko


- Founder of pecumax -> became Check24 later

- Extensive Knowledge in Company Building

- Founder of incubator M Cube

- CEO and founder of Everphone, which just received a 200 Mio. US-Dollars Series C funding

We will be there for you on your journey.

  • 1Creating

    Even the greatest idea can fail when there’s no market. We will help you test and validate your concept as well as develop a lean business model that’s stable, lucrative and that brings long-term success.
  • 2Developing

    allygatr will not only you help you find your way through the (German) bureaucracy jungle, but will also help with hands-on, operational support in all necessary fields, e. g. sales, marketing or software development.
  • 3Fundraising

    In order for you to start developing your business, allygatr will not only provide you with a seed capital, but also support you financially in further investment rounds. Along the way, we will guide and advise you on how to become an expert in raising funds. Trust us, we’ve done this MANY times before.
  • 4Scaling

    After the founding process, allygatr will stay by your side for at least 6 months, always eager to help you overcome any obstacles you might encounter. Together with other allygatr startups, you will be part of a strong HR network made up of cooperation and companionship.

Only true allies will benefit from these unique allygatr advantages.

allygatr can connect you with companies like...

What our ventures say about us

"We joined Ben and his team because of their vast knowledge in HR and years of experience in recruiting. They help us where we need help right now, be it in platform building, marketing or sales."

Luisa Schmitt, Co-Founder of Hammerjobs


Looking for (future) founders...

Do you have a great idea that will revolutionize the HR and recruiting world? Or do you already have a startup in a germinal stage and need our expertise and support to scale your business? Get in touch with us and present your idea or business model. We are excited for your submission!

Submit your idea here:


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