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...therefore, our mission is to help startups in the HR Tech sector take a foothold in the business and to support already growing companies to thrive. 💯

From the origination of an idea to business launch: we design, validate and grow each venture by leveraging their existing assets, and while doing so, we go much further than others. We have the knowledge and strategy that keeps businesses running smoothly after the birth of a portfolio. Also, we stay on board with our interdisciplinary experts until they’re ready to walk on their own.

What's important to us

Our core values are deeply rooted in our company culture and shape our daily actions and deeds. We are…

What we envision

In the long run, we plan to build and invest into strong solutions covering the whole HR value chain, all the while focusing on what really matters (not just) in this business: people. 🙋🙋‍♂️

Attract & Select


Train & Develop


What we achieved so far

Since 2012, we’ve been combining the agility of a startup with growing knowledge and proven methodology to successfully build businesses in the HR Tech industry. Hence, we already have built a strong portfolio of supplementary companies along the HR Tech value chain. You know what? Let's include one of those neat overviews with numbers, data, facts right here.

HR Contacts

> 50 k

We are well connected within the HR Tech industry (and are happy to introduce future founders).


> 500 Mio €

Amount of capital our team advisors raised for startups.


> 200

Number of investors who can support allygatr and our ventures financially and with their knowledge.


> 10 k

Questionable "achievement", but: we've probably used several thousand 🐊 emojis so far.

Our ventures

If you haven’t already, you may want to take a look at our success stories so far.


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